It may be messy, but it’s a beautiful life!


 As you know (and maybe a little too well)

the life of a working wife and mother is crazy, messy, and just plain busy!

But it’s ours.  And it’s beautiful!

Even if it doesn’t always feel that way.



I’m a healer of souls – including my own.erinhillheadshots-031-Edit-2

Hi I’m Erin – and it took me 35 years to figure out that I am not “just” a government job, a marriage, a divorce, a re-marriage, a step-mom, a mom, a wife, a mess.  I am a beautiful mess. Fully aware of (many of) my flaws, working to make them a little more polished vs punishing myself with harsh words and self-sabotage.  Becoming fully accepting of where I am, who I am, right now. And encouraging others to do the same.

I’m a life coach helping women to trust their intuition, and come back to who they REALLY are – themselves.  By working on

CARE – for yourself

COMMUNICATION – with those in your life and

CONNECTION – with your intuition & your tribe

You can be the woman you’ve always known was waiting to be discovered.

Who I love working with:

The mom who is at that point where she realizes there’s more to life than bottles, diapers, teenage drama, cell phones, car pools, and all that other MOM STUFF.

The wife that knows there’s a gorgeous woman inside who’s dreaming of being who she was always meant to be before “life got in the way”. 

The wife of an addict, who’s at a crossroads trying to determine if she stays, or goes.

The woman who is ready to tell that voice in her head saying “you’re too _____ to do ______” to f*&% off.  (and not blush!)

I love to work with women who are ready to stand in the glory of who she really IS.

Not (insert your kids’s name here)’s mom, or (insert hubby’s name here)’s wife, Sally from Accounting, or Jane from Middle-of-nowhere, USA…

You are so much more than your labels!

We are more than our titles.

And I want to help you see yourself as the beautiful mess you truly are.  Click the button below to learn more about me, and get more info about coaching.


*Photo is courtesy of Robin Wilkinson: friend, photographer, and all around awesome lady!  

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